By Lake Nona Team

January 21, 2020

Wellness Home built on Innovation and Technology (WHIT) is a first-of-its-kind home designed to activate health solutions and technologies in a vibrant residential community. In WHIT, wellness features are all around you. With amenities like a Sleep Sanctuary, a Wellness Kitchen, dynamic lighting and with latest technologies for fitness, rest and relaxation, WHIT can guide you to create daily behaviors that can empower you to be your best self. WHIT is both a livable space and living laboratory that demonstrates how a home can be the ultimate health-improvement tool.

As one of Lake Nona’s living laboratories, WHIT is a platform for demonstrating forward looking and game-changing health and wellbeing technologies. It also serves as a real-world research environment in which visitors and residents can provide input on the design, functionality, quality, and ease of use for promising solutions.

WHIT is constantly changing. As technologies evolve and new solutions emerge, WHIT evolves to continually reimagine how your home can be the center of health and wellbeing.

WHIT House 1
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