Located adjacent to the all-new Lake Nona Wave Hotel – “The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Hotel”, is the Town Center’s newest parking garage, the Wave Garage. The garage’s striking exterior artwork is designed by international artist and long-time Lake Nona collaborator Jefrë to celebrate the language of Braille. Jefrë was inspired to create a visual and lighting interpretation of Braille for his second language-themed art installation in Lake Nona. Jefrë also designed the Town Center’s Beacon and Code Wall garage. 

The new, 800-space structure is wrapped in an aluminum skin featuring circle cutouts of varying sizes and pops of LED accents that transform the building into a kaleidoscope of color after the sun sets. In addition to the exterior paneling, the Wave Garage features two glass-enclosed corner stairwells that show each level of the garage painted a different color. The circular pattern is repeated with globe-shaped pendent lights in both corner towers. The garage also features express ramps with an intelligent parking wayfinding system to make the parking experience straightforward and efficient. The Wave Garage will open alongside the hotel at the end of 2021. 

Continuing the tradition established by the Town Center’s Code Wall and DNA garages, the Wave garage exemplifies Lake Nona’s placemaking principles to take something that’s typically utilitarian and transform it into something special. The Lake Nona team collaborated with Jefrë again to create another piece that contributes to the community’s rich public art program. 

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