DNA Garage

As one of Lake Nona’s many public art pieces, the DNA Garage transforms a parking garage into a piece of art that brings to life the DNA sequence of a Valencia orange along its exterior.

DNA Garage

Brightly adorned with color-coded vertical bars in the shape of a double helix or wave, the DNA parking garage brings the DNA sequence of a Valencia orange to life along its exterior. Located in Lake Nona Town Center, this four-story garage is part of a language theme for Lake Nona’s garages, this time focusing on the language of life.

Tying back to Florida’s state fruit of an orange, each of the colored bars on display outside of the DNA Garage represents the four bases that hold together a DNA helix, which serves as the genetic blueprint for a Valencia orange.

A oversized tile mosaic reproduction of Jennyfer Mancino’s painting is on prominent display along the garage’s main staircase.

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