Partners In Innovation: How Beep’s Autonomous Vehicles Are Revolutionizing Mobility in Lake Nona and Beyond

Imagine a growing community home to residents that embrace innovation and a developer who loves to try new things. Basically, a living laboratory where you can use past learnings and best practices to create solutions that improve lives in real time. That’s Lake Nona, and that’s why Beep decided it was the perfect place for their headquarters.

June 14, 2021

Beep, a company founded by technology entrepreneurs and experienced transportation leaders, delivers the next generation of technology, mobility, and customer experience. Beep’s software and services integrated with electric, multi-passenger autonomous shuttles provide a safe and reliable mode of transportation

Formerly located in one of Lake Nona’s shared workspaces, this entrepreneurial company is now headquartered in a 10,000-square-foot innovation hub in Lake Nona Town Center. Since launching  a single route with two autonomous shuttles in September 2019, the company has expanded its network, and now runs eight shuttles across five routes connecting 10 key destinations throughout the Lake Nona community, seven days per week.

Lake Nona provides what CEO Joe Moye called “a nirvana of use cases.” Beep serves many diverse segments, including business travelers, students, medical personnel, residents and others. This has provided Beep the ability to test and optimize its service exponentially with feedback from their more than 30,000 passengers served since launch.

Partners In Innovation: How Beep’s Autonomous Vehicles Are Revolutionizing Mobility in Lake Nona and Beyond 1

“With autonomous technology, you have to be surrounded by a community that is willing and excited to participate. We’ve found that here in Lake Nona. We are surrounded by ‘citizen scientists,’ and for us, that’s what Beep is all about: innovative mobility for a community that is, itself, innovative. We made the strategic decision to headquarter here in Lake Nona because the community itself is so forward-thinking.”

Within Lake Nona’s 17-square-mile development, Beep continuously monitors the largest and longest  autonomous shuttle network at one location in the United States. Each shuttle has a specialist onboard, who monitors the shuttle and serves as an ambassador to the technology and Lake Nona. “Our specialists love to educate passengers about the technology and what we’re accomplishing here so the community can better understand our mission and vision to provide safer and sustainable mobility. It makes our passengers more confident and comfortable with the driverless platforms ,” says Joe Moye, Beep CEO.

Beep’s experience extends beyond Lake Nona with other deployments throughout the country including  launching the country’s first autonomous shuttles at Yellowstone National Park in June 2021 for a three-month project. “What’s amazing is that we are monitoring the safe operation of those shuttles from Lake Nona at our headquarters in the Town Center,” says Joe Moye, Beep CEO. “We’re looking to provide an autonomous reality for people who are looking to replicate the Lake Nona experience, which is innovative, safe and sustainable transportation.”

The sustainability aspect is what Beep has found to be key in conveying a sense of purpose and ownership to their passengers. Since launch, Beep has eliminated the equivalent of more than 16,500 vehicle trips from Lake Nona roads, which amounts to a significant carbon footprint impact. “When our passengers learn about their direct impact on helping the  environment, they feel an additional sense of purpose to the program, which is what has helped us grow so quickly and develop additional partnerships that have contributed to our success,” says Joe Moye, Beep CEO.

There’s more growth and success on the horizon for Beep as well, with plans to grow the fleet to more than 25 shuttles with new smart infrastructure to support the future network.

So, why should new founders look to Lake Nona as a potential place to headquarter? For Beep, it boils down to two words: Why not? “You have a developer in Lake Nona that’s open to new and innovative ways to distinguish their community. Lake Nona is the ultimate entrepreneurial environment and with close partnerships in business, technology, academic and health sciences it is a fertile workplace for companies to thrive,” says Joe Moye, Beep CEO.

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