Lake Nona Introduces New Partnership with Verizon

Lake Nona is excited to welcome Verizon’s new technologies, including 5G

January 10, 2020

Lake Nona is excited to welcome Verizon to our living lab community with new technologies including Verizon’s 5G wireless network. We laid the ground work for 5G with our fiber infrastructure, providing super-high-speed connectivity for homes and businesses. Now, we’re working to make that connectivity seamless throughout Lake Nona no matter where you are.

We’re testing the latest technology to see how it will benefit our community best. From personal use to research and technology, the effects may not be immediate, but the possibilities are endless.

“Connectivity, both physical and digital is the main engine that powers Lake Nona’s innovation ecosystem,” said Juan Santos, senior vice president of innovation at Tavistock Development Company, Lake Nona’s developer. “Our relationship with Verizon adds both expertise and technology that enables tomorrow’s innovators to thrive. We want to attract the best talent and ideas to Central Florida, and we’re excited to bring partners and infrastructure to complement Orlando’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

This is an exciting step for our community and while the technology will take time to harness, we’re excited to see all the ways it will spark advancements across Lake Nona. There’s more to come in 2020 with innovation labs, co-working spaces and accelerator programs planned to debut later this year.

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