Lake Nona Art Tour

Art is in our DNA

At the heart of every good community is a blend of arts and culture. From public art installations and live music to cinema events and access to Orlando’s greatest artistic institutions, Lake Nona offers plenty of chances to kick back, relax, and be inspired by work from some of the most iconic artists of our times. In Lake Nona, arts and culture are truly part of our DNA.

Lake Nona Sculpture Garden

The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden is a 50,000 square-foot outdoor space designed for the exploration and discovery of a distinguished selection of sculptures from one of the world’s largest private art collections, The Lewis Collection.

Lake Nona Art Tour 1
Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica

Glass House

Situated in Laureate Park near Canvas Restaurant & Market is “Glass House,” a stunning work of installation art conceived and constructed by Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin. It utilizes reclaimed materials and pulls cues from sustainable urban design and American folk art, all while eliciting the spiritual qualities of stained glass.

Lake Nona Art Tour 8
Glass House by Tom Fruin

The Beacon and Code Wall

At the heart of Lake Nona’s Town Center stands “The Beacon and Code Wall” by Lake Nona resident and public artist JERFE. “The Beacon” is a six-story landmark that comes to life at night with a visual experience of video, music and interactive elements. Alongside stands “Code Wall,” an installation of specialized dichroic glass with imagery and messages written in binary code.

Lake Nona Art Tour 9
Beacon and Code Wall Garage by JEFRË


When Lake Nona sought an artist in 2018 for this project, Cecilia Lueza’s winning entry certainly caught our eye. “For this piece, I wanted to incorporate that Florida vibe and also capture the dynamics of everyday life and create a sensation of movement with shapes and color,” said Cecilia.

Lake Nona Art Tour 10
Equinox by Cecilia Lueza

Disco Dog Sculpture

The 35-foot tall stainless steel sculpture was designed by local Lake Nona artist JEFRE. The sculpture was inspired by Lake Nona, with the fractal, reflective surface replicating the water/waves of the community’s namesake – Lake Nona. The sculpture is meant to welcome residents and guests as they enter Town Center.

Lake Nona Art Tour 11
Disco by JEFRË

Lake Nona Sign & Prismatic

The mural’s cascade of color transforms the utilitarian chiller plant into an instagram-worthy artistic display. The mural designer, Carissa Bloemeke, was inspired by a deconstructed prism. The picture-perfect “Prismatic” mural plays off of the visual where interacting light creates a spectrum of different colors.

Lake Nona Art Tour 12
Prismatic Mural by Carissa Bloemeke

Pixon Art Scene

We’re proud to introduce you to the trio of talented artists behind the latest art installations located throughout Pixon, Lake Nona’s newest apartment community. Their custom artwork created with printed digital artwork, chalk and spray paint can be admired from the outside and inside.

Lake Nona Art Tour 13
Pixon Lobby

leAD Art Scene

Printed wall art designed by Carissa Bloemeke in the 5G Accelerator co-working space. The art is inspired by circuit board patterns found in technology, and geometric patterns taken from acceleration graphs.

Lake Nona Art Tour 14
Lead Wall Art by Carissa Bloemeke

Global Angel Wings Project

Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012, in the streets of Los Angeles, the “City of Angels.” They were painted to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth. Colette has painted wings globally and right here in Lake Nona Town Center.

Lake Nona Art Tour 15
Global Angel Wings Project by Colette Miller

Brain Freeze

Lining the exterior of Pixon’s second apartment building is “Brain Freeze” Another bold piece designed by Carissa Bloemeke, the 9,000-square-foot mural gives the building the appearance of varying height and colorful emerging towers, creating a skyline that differs from the architecture of the building.

Lake Nona Art Tour 16
Brain Freeze by Carissa Bloemeke

Nature Sculptures

Created in Argentina, the sculptures were all made from re-used materials in the region. Measuring 10-feet high and each weighing in at 600-700 pounds, the artist Vanessa Mazza was inspired by the nature and wildlife native to her home in southern Argentina.

Qui Studio Sculptures

The GuideWell Innovation Center is a medical innovation hub for start-ups and health care entrepreneurs. Designed to promote collaboration and acceleration of groundbreaking ideas, the Innovation Center provides the resources and collaborative environment innovators need to develop new solutions.

Lake Nona Art Tour 19
Guidewell Innovation Center
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