KPMG Lakehouse: Inspiring & Innovating 

KPMG Lakehouse is a place where learning exists in everything, innovation is everywhere, culture is shared and people are inspired.

KPMG, a leading global professional services firm, provides audit, tax and advisory services to many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious organizations. KPMG is widely recognized for being a great place to work and build a career. Its Orlando office, established in 1984, employs more than 150 partners and professionals. Expanding its footprint in the greater Orlando area, KPMG opened it’s 55-acre professional learning, development and innovation center right here in Lake Nona. 

The new facility, which KPMG has named Lakehouse, brings hundreds of new jobs to Lake Nona. 

“We’re so excited to bring our vision to reality at our new facility, and we’re eager to be good neighbors and business partners in Lake Nona,” said Sherry Magee, senior director of community relations at KPMG Lakehouse. “Lakehouse itself is exclusive to KPMG, but our people will be visible and active in our community.” 

We sat down with KPMG to find out a little bit more information about its newest project. 

Q: What is Lakehouse and why did KPMG decide to invest in it? 

A: KPMG Lakehouse is a learning and innovation center. It will be a place for KPMG professionals to gather—to renew skills, reflect on issues and opportunities, connect with colleagues and reinvigorate passion and purpose. After a visit at Lakehouse, our professionals will return to their work with a fresh perspective, ready to deliver value and make their mark. 

We expect up to 800 KPMG partners and professionals will come to Lakehouse each week for hands-on, collaborative learning experiences. 

We’ve invested in Lakehouse to support our greatest asset: our people. They are what differentiates us as a firm which allows us to excel in today’s dynamic and global marketplace. By providing a space for our people to learn, innovate, and build KPMG culture, we are investing in the future of KPMG. 

Q: Why did KPMG choose Lake Nona? 

A: Site selection was very important as KPMG executives considered nearly 50 U.S. locations. KPMG leadership viewed the Lake Nona community as a thriving locale – an innovative, “smart city” with active and engaged residents and neighborhood business leaders. The Lake Nona community, conveniently located near Orlando International Airport, will allow our professionals and partners to experience lifelong learning and innovation at Lakehouse with minimal disruption to our clients. 

Q: What type of innovation and technology will be displayed at Lakehouse? 

A: Lakehouse will offer both in-person and digital courses to the KPMG partners and professionals learning and collaborating each week. Special mobile applications will provide learners with class registration, real-time schedules, wayfinding, dining and exercise options, as well as the ability to connect with other professionals. An Ignition Center featuring leading-edge, collaborative digital learning tools will create a fully immersive experience for our learners as they tackle challenges causing disruption for our clients. 

Q: What are some of the features of Lakehouse? 

A: Lakehouse will feature: 

  • 800 single-occupancy guest rooms 
  • 90 learning and innovation spaces 
  • A 1,000-seat assembly hall with design elements that reinforce the firm’s rich heritage and culture 
  • An Ignition Center where professionals can meet with clients to explore potential disruptors, new business models and breakthrough solutions. 
  • The 55-acre site will also include multiple dining areas, a separate social venue, and numerous fitness and recreational amenities to support the firm’s focus on health and wellbeing. 

Q: How important is sustainability at Lakehouse? 

A: Sustainability is an essential part of the firm’s business strategy, and Lakehouse was built with sustainability in mind. We followed the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) guidelines as a framework and targeted LEED Silver certification. 

Other sustainability initiatives include: 

  • A commitment to operate on 100% renewable energy in 2020. 
  • Natural daylight will illuminate 90% of the interior spaces while energy efficient glazing on the windows will provide spectacular views and help keep the heat out. 
  • The main building will use 28% less energy than similar projects by optimizing mechanical systems and through the use of integrated building design technologies. 
  • 100% of irrigation on property will come from non-potable water sources. 
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