Lake Nona Tree Relocation Program Adds Shade

Program extends the lives of hundreds of trees in Lake Nona

April 22, 2019

You may have noticed massive canopy trees appearing throughout Lake Nona’s growing community, and the story behind the trees is one we should be proud of.

Lake Nona’s developer, Tavistock Development Company, has been quietly relocating hundreds of trees. Home to a significant population of Live Oaks, Red Maples, Sabal Palms, Slash Pines, Tavistock’s internal horticulture team saw an opportunity to relocate and extend the life of trees in Lake Nona that would have otherwise been recycled.

The tree conservation program is an environmental initiative dedicated to preserving viable, aged trees for future use. On average, the trees are estimated to be between 60 and 70 years old.

Lake Nona Tree Relocation Program Adds Shade 1

Dozens of relocated trees are being integrated into plans for projects throughout Lake Nona including Boxi Park, Lake Nona Town Center, Laureate Park and other residential areas to enhance the quality of green space. Boxi Park features four 50-foot live oaks that were replanted when the open-air container park opened earlier this year.

Lake Nona Tree Relocation Program Adds Shade 2

To develop the program, Tavistock’s internal horticulture team partnered with certified arborists to create a plan for how to select, root prune, move, and replant the dozens of tree species that live in Lake Nona. A comprehensive mix of fertilizers and fungicides in addition to a robust maintenance program ensure the relocated trees thrive in their new home.

Based on development timelines, some trees are moved temporarily before being planted in a permanent location. The average transfer takes about four months and involves a team of nearly 10 people.

This year, the team expects to spend more than 1,000 hours identifying, pruning, moving, replanting, fertilizing, and watering the relocated trees to help maintain the arbor ecosystem’s health and preservation. Tavistock is investing more than $2.5 million to relocate more than 200 trees in 2019.

Lake Nona Tree Relocation Program Adds Shade 3

With more than 40 percent of its land conserved as green space, Lake Nona is home to multiple neighborhood parks, 44 miles of planned trails, and more than 1,000 acres of lakes and waterways. Our community’s landscape provides countless opportunities to extend the life of mature trees.

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