Artful Additions

Lake Nona expands community art program with new collection of handcrafted sculptures.

May 05, 2020

Home to a colorful collection of artworks, including the iconic, six-story “Beacon” tower and “Equinox” exterior mural on the Pixon Apartments building, Lake Nona is known for its vibrant community arts program. In the coming weeks, Lake Nona plans to enhance the program with the installation of 11 handcrafted sculptures that embody the various aspects of nature from flowers to butterflies.

Artful Additions 1

Created in Argentina, the sculptures were all made from re-used materials in the region. Measuring 10’ high and each weighing in at 600-700 pounds, the artist Vanessa Mazza was inspired by the nature and wildlife native to her home in southern Argentina. The new sculptures will be added to locations throughout the Lake Nona Town Center and the Laureate Park neighborhood for everyone to enjoy.

“Community art is an essential part of shaping our community,” said Vivienne Lewis, director of Tavistock Group. “We love to see people embrace and take pride in the different pieces we have. From weddings in front of the “Glass House” to photos in front of the Global Angel Wings Project, it’s a privilege to be the backdrop for so many lasting moments in our community.”

Artful Additions 2

Lake Nona is committed to incorporating public art throughout our 17-square-miles in different uses including digital media, graphic design, murals, sculptures, performing arts, architecture, and urban design. By collaborating with artists and creative thinkers, we introduce artwork that engages people, stimulates learning, creates places to connect.

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Artful Additions 3
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