Lake Nona means better, healthier living. We have 40% preserved green space. We built parks on every corner, pools in every neighborhood and 44 miles of trails crisscrossing throughout. We are a gigabit community offering internet speeds 200 times faster than the average US household. And we provide world-class education that works in tandem with our clusters of excellence, like Lake Nona Medical City and its research institutions.

When we say that our foundation was built to support healthy, holistic living—we weren’t kidding.

  • Arts & Culture

    Lake Nona collaborates with Orlando to bring arts and culture to the community, and we strive to foster creativity and share its impact with all ages.

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    Move Nona is a bold new approach to transportation providing Lake Nona residents and visitors with a variety of efficient and inter-connected ways to get around.

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  • Education

    By building state-of-the-art universities, research facilities, hospitals and primary schools in close proximity, we have created a new model for learning.

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  • Events & Venues

    From practicing Yoga, listening to live music, or relaxing in pristine parks, you are invited to take part in one of our events—or host one of your own.

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  • Lake Nona Town Center

    Big-name brands and unique boutiques. Everything from groceries to clothing to jewelry and more. Lake Nona Town Center has a shopping experience available for everyone and every need.

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  • Healthy Living

    Our community was designed to support optimal health within Lake Nona. Through large-scale efforts, we have created a living lab to promote and study healthy living.

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  • Technology & Lake Nona

    Technology plays a critical role in the evolution of Lake Nona and its pursuit of better living, and helps us execute our mission of creating a healthy, sustainable community.

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