Lake Nona Launches Customized Wellbeing Mobile App for Residents to Promote Community Health Engagement

The Jiyo Platform, Created By Dr. Deepak Chopra, Is A Personal Wellbeing Companion Tailored To The Lake Nona Community

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(Orlando, Fla.) – July 16, 2018 – Lake Nona, one of the fastest-growing communities in America and a model for the design of a comprehensive, healthy community, today launched Jiyo Lake Nona Wellbeing, a customized digital platform from Dr. Deepak Chopra specifically designed to support the health and wellbeing of Lake Nona residents. Lake Nona is the first community in the United States to have a specialized version of the Jiyo app.


Founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra and his long-time collaborator and entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, the Jiyo mobile app launched in 2016. The platform holistically examines all aspects of physical and emotional health by tracking behavior then offering insights to help users make impactful life changes. The general Jiyo app is available now to users all over the world. 

“Jiyo makes improving health and wellbeing accessible for everyone,” said Jiyo Co-Founder Poonacha Machaiah. “The app leverages the latest technology and analytics to provide users with meaningful information that enables them to make positive behavioral changes.”

For Lake Nona residents, the Jiyo Lake Nona Wellbeing custom app directly connects them to information and events designed to improve health and wellbeing within the Lake Nona community, in addition to providing enhanced insights and support to help promote a higher quality of life. To celebrate the app launch, Lake Nona and Jiyo will host a family-friendly wellbeing event on Friday, July 20 at Lake Nona Town Center from 5 – 9 p.m. featuring Dr. Chopra and other industry experts. All Central Florida residents are encouraged to attend.

Lake Nona has earned a reputation as a “living lab” for health and wellbeing innovation. The community is designed to encourage physical activity, features robust programming to promote exercise and interaction among residents, and measures progress to build on and enhance the community for the future. The introduction of the Jiyo Lake Nona Welling app leverages all the wellbeing initiatives woven into the community with the recommendations and advice of industry experts to provide residents with tactical ways to improve their overall health.

“Lake Nona’s hands-on approach to health and wellbeing made it a natural choice to have the first dedicated Jiyo app,” said Jiyo Co-Founder Dr. Deepak Chopra. “Developing Jiyo Lake Nona offered us a unique opportunity to create an internet of wellbeing that integrates input from our Jiyo experts with the community programming and thoughtful design already in Lake Nona.”

Through the platform, users have access to articles, videos, recipes, and expert advice based on Jiyo’s six pillars of wellbeing – nourish, move, love, meditate, sleep, and grow – curated from Jiyo’s experienced team including Dr. Mark Hyman, Kimberly Snyder, Eddie Stern, and Dr. Chopra himself. Integrating data from the user’s phone and other fitness devices, Jiyo provides recommendations for brief tasks designed to improve wellbeing such as meditations and breathing exercises. Linking diet, relationships, exercise, meditation, finances, and purpose, Jiyo takes a unique 360-degree look at users’ lives, creating an awareness that individual choices and actions have a collective, cumulative effect on health and wellbeing.

“The Lake Nona community is a unique ecosystem,” said Gloria Caulfield, executive director of Lake Nona Institute and vice president of strategic alliances for Lake Nona’s developer, Tavistock Development Company. “Our dedication to inspiring healthy, sustainable communities attracts

companies looking to innovate in the health and wellbeing arenas. Collaborating with those groups provides benefits, tools, and resources – like Jiyo Lake Nona Wellbeing – to our residents that help them live their best life.” 

Lake Nona is also the current focus of a longitudinal health study known as the Lake Nona Life Project, which aims to better understand how communities work and the factors that lead to better overall health and wellbeing. In fall 2016, Lake Nona also debuted the first healthy home, WHIT, a wellness home built on innovation and technology.

Jiyo Lake Nona Wellbeing is available now in app stores. The app launch will kick off with a family-friendly community event on July 20 at Lake Nona Town Center from 5 – 9 p.m.  The event will feature experiential activities focused around Jiyo’s six pillars of wellbeing and include appearances from Dr. Chopra and other wellness experts.  The event is free to attend and open to all Central Florida residents. For more information on the event, click here.

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About Lake Nona

Orlando’s Lake Nona is one of the fastest-growing communities in America with more than 10 million square feet of world-class residential and commercial facilities.  Adjacent to Orlando International Airport, the large-scale, master-designed community is home to thoughtfully designed neighborhoods, world-class education facilities, a Health & Life Sciences Cluster, a Sports & Performance District highlighted by USTA’s New Home of American Tennis – the largest tennis facility in the world, diverse work spaces, recreational facilities, retail centers, and entertainment venues encompassing the best Orlando has to offer with all the conveniences of a dynamic, vibrant community. Driven by a long-term vision, Lake Nona is committed to building an innovative community that inspires human potential whilst being focused on sustainable design, healthy living, and groundbreaking gigabit fiber optic technology. A smart and connected community, Lake Nona is wired for the future, providing a no-limits foundation for individuals and companies to thrive. For more information, visit 

About JIYO

Jiyo is a comprehensive digital platform that allows users to engage, learn, and interact with a diverse range of information, articles, videos and reminders that help them to be their best selves. Jiyo’s intuitive technology tracks users’ behavior and then offers insights and suggestions based on their habits. This kind of 360-degree wellness covers exercise, meditation, relationships, finances, and finding purpose in the everyday. Besides useful content and encouraging reminders, Jiyo is also committed to fostering community, connecting users to world leaders and experts on wellbeing and allowing them to create bonds with like-minded people who use the platform. Jiyo’s aim is to make users more aware, identify their unique sets of strengths, and create a pathway to making every moment of life count.


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