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Just Announced: New Plans For Linear Community Park

Wednesday, July 10th 2019

Lake Nona announced plans for a proposed seven-acre linear park anchored by an open waterway. Surrounding the waterway, the park is planned to feature multiple trails, pocket parks, and space for activity that will stretch more than 100 feet wide along a half-mile path from Lake Nona Town Center to the heart of Laureate Park.

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The park’s open waterway is designed to serve as an alternative for stormwater management.

“In Lake Nona, we’re always looking for ways to do things better,” said Tavistock Development Company President Jim Zboril. “We could have gone the traditional route of building a road and the infrastructure to manage stormwater underground, but instead we challenged our team to be resourceful and think differently. Creative thinking led to this linear park that not only provides a solution for stormwater, but creates an amenity our residents and visitors can benefit from.”

Contrary to the traditional treatment of stormwater through a series of underground pipes, the park will replace more than a half-mile of east-west roadway and its associated infrastructure with an open waterway and surrounding park. The water will flow over a series of weirs (low-head dams) from west to east into an existing lake within Laureate Park. The recirculation of water from the existing lake to a series of source points on the west end of the park will ensure water is always flowing.

“Tavistock continues to be a critical partner in ensuring as our Orlando grows, it is done in a sustainable way, focused on innovation, while serving and benefiting our residents,” said City of Orlando Planning Official Elisabeth Dang. “This proposed project shows some of that same vision, with potential to create not only unique places to gather, but to also preserve and expand green space, further mobility options and increase water quality in one of the fastest growing areas in our city.”

The park’s linear design supports multiple mobility paths woven with lush landscaping, water features, and canopied seating options that flow along the main waterway. Plans include transportation lanes to support the community’s Move Nona initiative with a multimodal network of paths for walking, running, biking, and autonomous shuttles. The paths will also connect to Lake Nona’s 44 miles of planned trails. Within the park, a two-acre communal area will provide a new space to host even more community events with a large lawn, playground, and shaded recreational areas.

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