Hurricane Dorian: Keep your family safe and entertained

Saturday, August 31st 2019

As we prepare for the impacts of Hurricane Dorian, here are some tips to keep your family safe and entertained :


– Be sure to fully charge electronic devices (charge your portable battery chargers too!)
– Download movies, audiobooks and games onto those devices so they are accessible if your internet is disabled
– Give your children their own flashlight (this can provide them comfort and empowerment during the storm)
– Give your children headphones (noise-cancelling headphones can help calm frightened children)
– Consider a trip to the bookstore before the storm to let your children pick out new books, coloring books and crafts



1. Build a fort together in a safe closet or room away from windows and set it up as a theater with snacks, a cooler, soft blanket and pillow
2. Have a scavenger hunt (with or without a flashlight)
3. Draw and color portraits of each other
4. Make themed collages out of pictures and words cuts from old magazines
5. Write a letter to your future selves
6. Hurricane The Musical: Write and perform a silly play about the hurricane
7. Choreograph a dance and perform

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