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The Artists and Inspiration Behind Pixon’s Epic Art Scene

Thursday, May 23rd 2019

Pixon Art 2nd Floor

You don’t have to look far to find artistic inspiration in Lake Nona. Our community is home to dozens of art pieces featuring different art forms including sculptures, murals, digital art and live performances.

We’re proud to introduce you to the trio of talented artists behind the latest art installations located throughout Pixon, Lake Nona’s newest apartment community. Their custom artwork created with printed digital artwork, chalk and spray paint can be admired from the outside and inside.

Pixon Artists

“I tend to find inspiration in nature and geometry,” said Cecilia Lueza. “When it comes to my style I strive to create pieces that are striking, meaningful and timeless.”

Lueza is a public artist who won Lake Nona’s competition to design the exterior digital art mural displayed on Pixon at Tavistock Lakes Boulevard.

Cecilia Lueza Exterior Pixon Mural

“In Florida with its colors and brightness it’s a constant source of inspiration for me,” said Lueza. “For this piece I wanted to incorporate that Florida vibe and also capture the dynamics of everyday life and create a sensation of movement with shapes and color.”

Pixon Exterior Mural
“I am a senior graphic designer for Tavistock Development Company by day, and by night I am a painter and a muralist,” said Carissa Bloemeke.

Bloemeke created the custom chalk Pixon mural inside the lobby and added her signature bold style to the design.

Carissa Bloemeke Pixon Mural

“My Pixon mural, when you’re looking at the mural you just feel like you’re entering a different space,” said Bloemeke. “It was a really cool challenge for me to work on such a large piece and something that will stay for awhile and be a big impact to the community.”

Pixon Chalk Mural

“I love this place, really really love this place and I think it’s a good space for people to share and have different experiences,” said LeDania, a graffiti artist who created multiple works of art throughout Pixon’s property.

From the colorful exterior column to the vibrant mural on the ceiling inside the lobby and the second floor creative masterpiece, LeDania said her contributions to Pixon’s art scene were inspired by Lake Nona.

LaDania Pixon Ceiling Mural

“It’s so important to say that if I paint with the spray cans I have a lot of opportunity to put a lot of colors,” said LeDania.  “So I try to represent my style like a Latin American girl from Columbia, and also show all the colors of my patterns.”

Pixon Art Column

LeDania wanted to create a feeling that a person is looking at a reflection of Lake Nona and the sky for her graffiti art mural on the ceiling of the lobby.

Pixon Ceiling Lobby Mural

Be sure to plan a trip to take in Pixon’s artwork if you haven’t had a chance to check it out in person. The lobby of Pixon is open for guests of the soon-to-be retail tenants, including Foxtail Coffee. The pictures are stunning, but experiencing the art in person is even better.

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