Art in Lake Nona

Master Pieces in Master Planning

January 21, 2020

At the heart of every good community is a blend of arts and culture. From public art installations and live music to cinema events and access to Orlando’s greatest artistic institutions, Lake Nona offers plenty of chances to kick back, relax, and be inspired by work from some of the most iconic artists of our times. In Lake Nona, arts and culture are truly parts of our DNA.

As master-planners, Tavistock Development Company recognizes the value the arts play in shaping a community. It’s not just the hardware – buildings, roads, and homes, it’s the software – community events, public art, and live entertainment, that truly activates a space and makes it memorable. And that’s our goal, to engage people at a higher level so they leave the places we create with a sense of belonging.

Art in Lake Nona 1

Tavistock’s thoughtful planning has made Lake Nona an innovative community known for doing things differently and doing them better. Prioritizing art ensures unique, memorable experiences for people in Lake Nona.

The arts are also an important part of achieving Lake Nona’s mission to inspire human potential. The wellbeing of residents, employees, and visitors is a priority that’s illustrated in everything we do from hosting a longitudinal health study to the way we design neighborhoods. Studies have shown the arts make valuable contributions to health and wellbeing, so it’s another factor in planning the community. And when people engage with art, it also stimulates learning.

Art in Lake Nona 2

The priority is to find the best artists to bring the space to life and to incorporate not only different artists but different art forms from sculptures, murals, and music to digital art with projection-mapping.

Lake Nona is home to dozens of art pieces that feature different art forms including sculptures, murals, digital art, and live performances.

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