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5 Cool Takeaways from the New Human Performance Institute

Wednesday, May 01st 2019

Johnson---Johnson-Human-Performance-Institute-Exterior Lake Nona

The new Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute global headquarters in Lake Nona Medical City is impressive. We toured the facility and discovered five cool takeaways to share with you.

ONE: The building is designed to be aspirational and to create a sense of possibility when you go home. Every aspect of the LEED-certified training and research facility is designed to optimize human performance.

The new facility doubles the Human Performance Institute’s teaching capacity and puts experience first from start-to-finish.

“This space is really different than a lot of other spaces,” said Lowinn Kibbey, Global Head Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. “This is an experience.”

Floor to ceiling windows create clear views of nature with natural light illuminating community spaces. The nod to nature continues the moment you step inside with a plant wall that welcomes guests.  The biophilic, nature-connected design principles applied throughout can help reduce stress and improve wellbeing. Adding plants inside your home can help add the same experience.

Johnson Johnson Human Performance Institute Entry Design

TWO: The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute helps individuals and companies maximize energy and improve wellbeing. Professional athletes, corporate “athletes” even hostage rescue teams have benefitted from the courses – and enrollment is open to the public. Anyone can sign up for the programming, regardless of your job – and the program lengths are flexible. It’s amazing that this resource is located in our community!

“If you were to come through this program, I hope that you would go home with a whole new sense of what you’re here for, that you have a sense of meaning in life that is so powerful that you begin to notice that 30, 60, 90 days from now, you’re treating yourself differently,” said Kibbey.

Click here to learn more about the courses offered at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute in Lake Nona. 

Johnson Johnson Human Performance Institute Lake Nona Impact

THREE: Participants in the 2.5 day Performance course receive a sophisticated body composition analysis inside a Bod Pod, an air displacement plethysmograph that uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition. The test is non-evasive and complete within five minutes. Trainers apply tailored coaching for participants using the individualized results.

Johnson Johnson Human Performance Institute Lake Nona Bod Pod

FOUR:  The purpose is to unleash your full potential by blending the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition to create a comprehensive behavior change solution. Participants learn about physical fitness and receive tools to continue exercising after they leave. Did you know that you can fit a workout in with 7 minutes and zero equipment?

Click here to learn more about the Johnson & Johnson 7-minute workout. 

Johnson Johnson Human Performance Institute Lake Nona Workout

FIVE: As you move throughout the property there is a thoughtful approach to addressing physical, mental and emotional needs. Curated scent and sound inspiration energizes and relaxes participants at different points throughout their on-campus experience, drawing upon science that links smell and hearing to memory.

Did you know that you can mentally reset in sixteen seconds? A scenic, mindfulness walking path outside of the Human Performance Institute guides you through a 16-second meditation, creating the opportunity for you to recover in today’s 24/7 world.

Try it yourself with these steps: deep breath in, chin up, smile, exhale, deep breath in, shake your arms out, roll your shoulders, exhale, deep breath in, moment of focus, picture success, exhale, deep breath in, I am thankful for ____, hold that thought, and exhale.

Johnson Johnson Human Performance Institute Lake Nona 16 second reset

The Human Performance Institute is designed to help participants manage and increase energy levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they can show up fully engaged and perform at their best.

“We tap into how people are, what motivates them, what will have them be their best selves,” said Kibbey.

Interested in attending a course and tapping into your optimal human potential? Click here learn how you can enroll in the programming offered by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute in Lake Nona.


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