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Vote for Lake Nona Star and Top 10 American Idol

Thursday, April 18th 2019

Lake Nona American Idol Alyssa Raghu Vote

Lake Nona, it’s time for us to rally, vote and show America that we have the power to help Alyssa Raghu dominate American Idol.  Alyssa takes the stage for a live performance on American Idol on ABC this Sunday at 8:00PM. Tune in to watch her perform and to vote for Alyssa!

Let’s show America that Lake Nona, Orlando and all of Central Florida supports its local talent by voting this Sunday.  Voting imperative for Alyssa to continue her journey, and voting can be done in 3 ways:

1.) Text 3 to 21523 (this can be done ten times per mobile device)

2.) Download the American Idol App and cast 10 votes for Alyssa

3.) Click here and cast 10 votes for Alyssa

All voting must be done from the start of the show this Sunday April 28st at 8:00PM and be completed before 9:30PM.  Be sure to vote early and vote often. If each person does this, and uses all 3 methods to vote – it will generate 30 votes for Alyssa per person. With our votes combined our community can make a real impact on Alyssa’s journey.

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