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Technogym to Create a Connected Wellness Ecosystem in Lake Nona

Thursday, February 16th 2017


The Lake Nona Institute announced today a partnership to make Lake Nona the first designated “Technogym Connected Wellness Ecosystem” in the United States.  The community-focused collaboration will help Lake Nona create a seamlessly connected fitness community.

Technogym, the world’s leading supplier of fitness products, services and customized wellness content, will work with Lake Nona to transform its wellness community to one that’s connected across all stages of life and activity.  Over time, the connected ecosystem will create the world’s largest databank to evaluate the impact of a wellness lifestyle on preventative illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

“Lake Nona is the perfect environment to create Technogym 4.0, first in the U.S.,” said Nerio Alessandri, Technogym co-founder and originator of the Romagna Wellness Valley initiative in Italy.  “Lake Nona is an incredible platform to build a wellness district, because there are institutions and lifestyle.  We need to connect all the different locations, link the people who live here and connect different touch points to deliver the wellness lifestyle.”

The partnership will integrate Technogym fitness equipment and technology platforms across Lake Nona, creating regular opportunities to stay active and track activities.  With installations in Lake Nona’s medical centers, community fitness facilities, hotels, offices, schools, sport performance centers and opportunities for private residences, Technogym will be felt across the community.

The announcement was made during the Lake Nona Impact Forum, where more than 300 global leaders in health and technology came together to discuss issues of community health, sustainable living and tangible impacts on individual wellness.








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