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Summertime in the Lab

Sanford-Burnham opens its doors to high school students in the region.  Read more in this Sanford-Burnham Beaker Blog Posting:

As summer begins, books get shelved and schools close, but for many teens and young adults, leaving the classroom doesn’t mean learning stops. On the contrary, they pursue internships that allow them to advance their education in a hands-on way, often taking steps toward a career.

Sanford-Burnham opens its doors to a large number of interns, at various stages of their education, throughout the year, but summer is an especially busy time. The enthusiastic voices of young people, some making their own scientific discoveries for the first time, emanate through the hallways, reminding everyone how exciting science can be.

Last week, Sanford-Burnham at Lake Nona in Orlando welcomed five students from area high schools including Trinity Preparatory School and Seminole High School. Forty students participating in a Junior Achievement summer program visited the institute to learn about medical research career paths. Each one is paired with a mentor in a research laboratory or the Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical Genomics for two to four weeks. Eight college interns will soon be arriving as well. Throughout the summer, a number of aspiring scientists will be scattered throughout the Institute’s La Jolla laboratories for anywhere from one week to the entire summer.Among the La Jolla visitors will be 11 promising high school juniors from The Preuss School UCSD, recently named the #1 Transformative High School in the nation by Newsweek. This annual program offers students the opportunity to work in a different laboratory each day for four days. Some participants from past years have returned to the Institute for longer, more in-depth internships, and many have gone on to study at prestigious universities like Havard, Yale, and Duke.

Mustafa Malik, who completed the Preuss School UCSD internship program in 2010 said, “I was fascinated by the research and possible career avenues that were presented to us interns, but what really made the experience so enjoyable was the people. They were so welcoming, insightful, and overall interesting people to listen to and it was the Sanford-Burnham staff that made the internship a memorable one.”

Other interns have already achieved great things in their education before seeking to deepen their knowledge in a specific area at Sanford-Burnham. Adalai Martinez, a recent graduate in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University, will begin an internship in the lab of John C. Reed, M.D., Ph.D., in late August. She plans to continue to medical school, specializing in pediatric oncology or pediatric neurology.

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