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Signature Public Art “The Beacon” Changes Lake Nona Skyline

Thursday, December 31st 2015

“Have you seen The Beacon!?”  Soon, this will be the question everyone is asking as The Beacon and Code Wall become a permanent part of Lake Nona Town Center’s nightly experience.

A juggernaut of creativity, the Beacon is a six-story visual landmark for the Lake Nona community.  Combined with the 264-foot Code Wall framing the Lake Nona Town Center parking structure, these two pieces of public art represent the intersection of art and science, already a hallmark of our community.

Public art is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of a community’s identity.  Art brings life and energy, defines spaces, and provides a new way to experience a place.  That is especially important for the new Lake Nona Town Center, which is already becoming a focal point for community social life and celebrations.  These two installations will serve as a visual signature for Lake Nona, providing a recognizable landmark and that “postcard moment” for residents and visitors.

To do this we brought together celebrated artists and technologists to combine art, architecture and inspiring visuals into one dynamic public space.

The technology will allow for full multimedia experiences, with music, light, video, interactive elements and performances (Credit:

The Beacon

The Beacon is the brain-child of internationally-recognized, Orlando public artist JEFFRË, with multimedia designs by New York-based Michael Counts.  The gracefully curved structure is 60 feet of sculpted steel and while striking on its own, it truly comes alive each night with Counts’ HD video projections.

The show-stopping visual displays combine abstract, geometric and natural elements to create truly stunning images.  The first installation includes 12 visual programs, which will change nightly.  They will continue to evolve, and over time will be joined by other multimedia experiences digital and performing artists.

“Code Wall” (Credit:

Code Wall

The Code Wall is the functional blending of art and science.  A full block wide and composed of specialized dichroic glass, the Code Wall imagery is “written” in an essential scientific language –binary code – with hidden messages intended to inspire.  For those of us who don’t read binary, a key is on one of the structure’s walls to help decipher the code and find meaning within the 1’s and 0’s.

The Code Wall will be illuminated by a dynamic lighting display by Michael Counts and Ryan O’Gara, adding yet another dramatic multimedia experience.

These two installations help create a sense of wonder and define the evolving space in the heart of Lake Nona Medical City. These signature art pieces will anchor a central gathering place that will also be home to restaurants, shopping, entertainment and the new Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard hotels.

If you’re looking for a sneak peak, you can ask Run Nona participants who had the first glimpse of the visual display.   But don’t worry, there will be a series of “preview” events leading up to a grand opening celebration.  Stay tuned for more on The Beacon and other public art events.

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