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New “Glass House” Art Installation at Laureate Park

Wednesday, February 17th 2016

This week Lake Nona held a new home construction of a different color.  This “home” is a kaleidoscope of plexiglass designed by Brooklyn sculptor, Tom Fruin.   His latest public art installation stands next door to Canvas Restaurant and Market in the Laureate Park Village Center.


The glass house is the latest in Fruin’s ongoing ICON Series, which have displayed in Brooklyn, New York and across Europe.  The glass houses celebrate overlooked landmarks, taking cues from reclaimed urban design, American folk art and the spiritual qualities of stained glass.  Like the others, this house is designed to capture the sense of its intended location.

The site-specific and monumental nature of Fruin’s work make it a logical next-step for Lake Nona’s public arts installations.  Combined with The Beacon and Code Wall, which have already helped define the space of the Lake Nona Town Center, Fruin’s glass house adds another interactive, conceptual – and beautiful – icon to our community’s creative landscape.

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