Our community is designed to make nature both accessible and enjoyable. By preserving 40% of Lake Nona as green space, we are providing plenty of places to walk, run, bike, jump and play.

  • We are committed to helping our residents live long, healthy lives. By providing pocket parks, dog parks, athletic parks and community gardens, we are inspiring our neighbors to pursue healthier, happier living.

  • Pocket Parks

    Dotted throughout the communities, pocket parks and meadows provide quiet spaces to walk through, get back to nature and connect with neighbors.

  • Dog Parks

    All four-legged friends are invited to roam freely in the neighborhood dog parks. Plenty of open green space and pet-friendly features make it easy for dogs to get their exercise close to home.

  • Athletic Parks & Playgrounds

    Basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields are scattered throughout Lake Nona’s neighborhoods. Our athletic parks encourage neighbors to join a team or cheer one on.

  • Community Gardens

    Community gardens offer locals the chance to grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to inspire healthy living and appreciation for the great outdoors.


Our trails offer 44 miles of hiking, biking, running and exploring. Use these paved and unpaved paths to walk to work, compete in RUNNONA to benefit a great cause, go for a jog, enjoy nature or simply see the community from a new angle.

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