Situated in Lake Nona’s Laureate Park near Canvas Restaurant & Market and Dockside is “Glass House,” a stunning work of installation art conceived and constructed by Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin. This kaleidoscopic piece utilizes reclaimed materials and celebrates overlooked landmarks by pulling cues from sustainable urban design and American folk art, all while eliciting the spiritual qualities of stained glass.


“Glass House” is one piece in celebrated sculptor Tom Fruin’s ongoing ICON Series, which has included pieces installed in Brooklyn, New York and across Europe. Each work in the series is site-specific and monumental, and “Glass House” is no different: combined with “The Beacon” and “Code Wall,” which have already helped define the space of the Lake Nona Town Center, Fruin’s “Glass House” adds another interactive, conceptual and functional artistic icon to the community’s creative landscape.

A Community Icon

Beyond simply being a beautiful landmark that adds to Lake Nona’s esteemed collection of public artworks, and which both evokes and enhances the natural environment of Laureate Park, “Glass House” also provides a backdrop for all types of events and social functions.

Every night, guests to Canvas Restaurant & Market enjoy a view of the house as it is lit brilliantly from the inside. Many visitors return to the house to see how its display of stained glass reflects and refracts light in different ways based on the time of day or night. As a space that can be rented for private events, “Glass House” has provided the backdrop for weddings, birthday and cocktail parties, soirées and more—and it’s not uncommon to see such an event taking place here on any given day.

Given its multipurpose nature—something to look at and reflect upon, to explore, to be a backdrop for events and so forth—“Glass House” is more than just a work of art. It is a true Lake Nona community Icon.

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