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Lake Nona’s Ultra Fast Internet Highlighted at White House

Today at the White House, Lake Nona’s high speed technology infrastructure was highlighted as an example of forward-looking community development at the launch event for the US Ignite Partnership. The new public-private effort of US Ignite capitalizes on what is possible through virtualized ultra-fast broadband networks, and “ignites” the development of next-generation Internet applications and services for American businesses and families.

Lake Nona is one of only a small number of communities in the U.S. that have successfully deployed gigabit networks, providing speeds of up to 100 times standard cable or DSL services.

Speaking at the White House, Lake Nona Vice President Thad Seymour, Jr. said “we believe that we have only scratched the surface of what can be done with a gigabit of bandwidth.” He added, “we were eager to join forces with the US Ignite partnership and share best practices from across the US Ignite network of communities and partners.”

During the event, Lake Nona was lauded for its creation of a “no limits” network, complete with a redundant fiber ring, open to multiple providers, and with ubiquitous, reliable, high-speed service to its large users. Lake Nona was also recognized for its efforts to deliver gigabit-to-the-home technology and healthcare IT.

Through the community’s non-profit Lake Nona Institute, Lake Nona is bringing together its university, research and hospital partners, plus government and corporate collaborators, to focus on the development and testing of health and life sciences, transportation and public safety applications using Lake Nona as a “living laboratory.”   With its partners, including technology company Dais Communications, Lake Nona will explore a wide variety of early potential application development projects including:

  •  Piloting telemedicine applications through its clinical partners.
  • Leveraging Lake Nona’s bandwidth for “big data” genomics analysis with the universities, hospitals and research institutes.
  • Exploring new safety and security applications with partners such as the Orlando airport authority and the City of Orlando.

Developing unique HD video-based residential applications in support of health and wellness, education and sustainability in Lake Nona’s new residential neighborhoods.

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