Lake Nona has a lot to offer. As one of the first gigabit communities in the nation, we have unmatched broadband capacities available to businesses and residents. We have also been named by Cisco as one of only nine Iconic Smart + Connected communities in the world. Advanced and innovative technology is the hallmark of Lake Nona, but it is just one of many efforts we are putting forth.

By creating clusters of excellence that anchor Lake Nona, we are providing the foundation to reinvent health care, sports and performance, and education. The comingling of organizations’ ideas and talents has brought us recognition from around the globe, allowing us to provide insights and foster industry breakthroughs. Our fast-growing environment is inspiring institutions, people and businesses to thrive.

Our Lake Nona Community

When you live here, you live better. The same can be said of when you work here. Through health and wellness research, as well as world-class education, Lake Nona is sustainably enhancing the lives of everyone in our community. By attracting a highly educated workforce and partnering with Fortune 50 companies, we are able to build our community’s legacy and model viable workplace solutions for the world.

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About Tavistock Group

Built on a core philosophy to strive for excellence in everything we do, Tavistock Group is an international private investment organization founded by Joe Lewis. Entrepreneurial and progressive, we value long-term relationships and seek investment opportunities around the world that can benefit from our capital, experience, flexibility and broad base of resources.




Technology is critical for businesses to innovate and grow. In Lake Nona, technology was built into the very foundation of our community, allowing for all businesses here to advance and thrive.

Clusters of Excellence

Based on the proven theory that businesses and institutions in proximity to one another will accelerate progress, Lake Nona has established clusters of excellence in health and wellness, sports and performance, and education. These clusters drive and foster innovation through collaboration. They enhance networking and cooperation among like-minded professionals and students. They increase productivity levels and generate new business in related fields. And they facilitate training and research to pioneer advances and solutions for current issues.

Lake Nona was designed to bring active minds together—and today we’ve successfully created a global epicenter for ingenuity in research, design, innovation and technology.


Office, retail, restaurant, land—we have the means to meet your business needs. With millions of square feet of commercial real estate, the opportunities for development are impressive and adaptive.

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