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LEEDing the Way – Going Green in Lake Nona Medical City

We all know that bright minds make light work, especially in Lake Nona Medical City. Every day, our partners from UCF, UF, Sanford-Burnham and Nemours are discovering new ways to help us stay well. But what’s even more impressive is that, while they’re working hard to treat and potentially cure the world’s most troubling illnesses, they keep the environment in mind at the same time.

Most of the buildings within Lake Nona Medical City have received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification status for their green practices and initiatives. LEED is the nation’s preeminent program for design, construction
and operation of high-performance green buildings, instituted by the US Green Building Council as a way to set and monitor eco-friendly standards. To continue our mission as a healthy, sustainable community, our buildings were thoughtfully created to actively seek ways to conserve energy and maximize valuable resources.

For starters, the UCF College of Medicine building at Lake Nona Medical City is the only LEED Silver Certified medical school in the state. Its 170,000-sq.-ft. medical education facilities are helping aspiring doctors reach their full potential in a sustainable way
– through a clinical skills and simulation center, a 5,300-sq.-ft. microscopy lab, and world-class anatomy lab along with the 198,000-sq.-ft., five story Burnett Biomedical Sciences space for cutting-edge research.

Nearby, the UF Research & Academic Center’s LEED-NC Platinum building incorporates 100,000 sq. ft. of contemporary learning environment with two floors of open lab and research space. Most importantly, this structure boasts modern building principles that integrate quality, sustainability and inspiring design into its function, including green roofing materials and daylight harvesting features, such as large windows, offering students a view of the wooded conservation network outside. Sun-shading and chilled-beam technology keeps hot air out and air conditioning costs down, while heat pump recovery systems and solar thermal/photovoltaic panels maintain insulation where needed.

Next door, the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, a 175,000-sq.-ft. LEED Gold facility, incorporates a high albedo roof made of a white, reflective membrane that deters heat.
This building’s glazed windows transmit more than 50 percent of exterior light and block 75 percent of solar heat, also bringing air conditioning costs down even during Florida’s hottest months.

Beyond Nemours Children’s Hospital’s colorful exterior, its 630,000-sq.-ft. core is one of only three children’s hospitals in the country to have achieved LEED Gold Certification. It’s outfitted with custom sunshades to reduce energy costs by 22 percent; recycling programs; rooftop gardens to mitigate heat intake; native landscaping to cultivate the natural environment; reclaimed water systems for irrigation; low-VOC carpeting, paint and plywood to keep air clean; rubber flooring and ceiling made from recycled content instead of concrete; reduced-water restrooms; electric vehicle car charging stations; and even green cleaning supplies to eliminate exposure to harsh chemicals.


The US Green Building Council’s LEED green building certification system is the foremost program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings. More than 100,000 projects are currently participating in the LEED rating systems, comprising more than 8 billion sq. ft. of construction space in all 50 states and 114 countries.

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Lake Nona Sports Innovation & Performance District

Lake Nona has always stood for innovation and collaboration. We live in a place that pushes limits, test boundaries and works diligently for a better tomorrow. With the introduction of the United States Tennis Association (USTA)’s New Home
 of American Tennis to our community, we’re now looking toward expanding
 our sporting horizons even further. Lake Nona is officially breaking ground on what will become the nation’s foremost Sports Innovation & Performance District with a mission to create the ideal place to inspire human potential. In this spirit, Tavistock Development Company is cultivating 11 square miles of land on the western border of Lake Nona, which will include the USTA’s new tennis facilities.

Developed in collaboration with long-
term partners, the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, the Global Alliance for Health
 & Performance, Johnson & Johnson, the USTA, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Florida; the Lake Nona Sports Innovation & Performance District marks a true merging of active minds. These partners will work to become among the leading athletic district models, such as those located in Portland, San Francisco, Carlsbad, Salt Lake City and Indianapolis, with a focus on research, design, innovation and technology.

Florida’s ideal climate, terrain and
 access, along with the necessary industry, community and leadership were all taken into consideration as components needed for a sports cluster to flourish. Orlando’s burgeoning status as an MLS and NBA city doesn’t hurt either. Specific to our region, Lake Nona’s Sports Innovation & Performance District will work to create opportunities and environments that 
will advance sports science and athletic performance, positioning the community as a global center for innovation in sports performance, training, equipment, facilities, nutrition and medicine.

The Lake Nona Sports Innovation & Performance District will focus on six
 broad categories – media, equipment and soft goods, associations, nutrition, facility builders, and sports health and technology – to attract key sponsors, companies, teams and experts in the sporting industry. Lake Nona has the potential to not only strengthen human performance, but to develop the goods that help people stay fit and inspire everyday wellbeing.

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Lake Nona Town Center Goes Vertical

Development on the first phase of the Lake Nona Town Center – on schedule to open in the fourth quarter of 2015
– is progressing smoothly under the supervision of Tavistock Development Company, the brains behind Lake Nona’s growing residential and commercial projects.

DPR Construction is hard at work on the initial phase of what will become a one-million-sq.-ft. area featuring both commercial and retail space, all with a sense of community at its core.

Lake Nona Town Center will be the home of the community’s first hotels – a dual-branded Courtyard by Marriott and Marriott Residence Inn, a unique combination of both brands under one roof. Designed by Atlanta-based architecture firm Cooper Carry, the hotels will match Lake Nona’s other architecturally inspiring buildings and boast unconventional, modern design. With 200 hotel rooms and plenty of amenities, the Lake Nona Marriott hotels will also feature the area’s first onsite conference and event spaces ideal for business meetings and social affairs.

The hotels open up onto a central green area adjoining all parts of the Town Center with plenty of open space and seating. This special meeting place is perfect for residents and visitors to gather on Florida’s many sunny days. Visitors will be able to make use of the pedestrian-friendly plaza placed in between the buildings and the structured parking garage. But this is not your standard garage. This structure will also become public art by showcasing colors, designs and images to activate and illuminate the Lake Nona Town Center.

Also backing onto the central green is a four-story, 80,000-sq.-ft. office building featuring three ground-floor restaurants, and upstairs class-A office suites for commercial businesses, including our very own Tavistock Development Company headquarters. Additionally, phase one will feature two stand-alone restaurants next to the hotels.

Located across the street, the first phase of the Town Center development includes a 280-unit loft-style apartment complex named Landon House, which has been designed to meet the demands of modern-day, urban living. Locally based general contractor Walker & Co., Inc. is building the exterior structure, which will include a wrap-concept central parking garage nestled within the four sides of the apartments to ensure the highest level of convenience for residents.

Stay tuned as we announce the Town Center’s first tenants in the next several months.

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