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Lake Nona Relay for Life

This year, several Lake Nona businesses and neighborhood communities are helping save lives from cancer by taking part in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Lake Nona.

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Nemours to Specialize in Rare Illnesses

The Orlando Sentinel reports this morning on Nemours at Lake Nona.

Nemours to specialize in children’s rare illnesses such as juvenile arthritis

5:34 p.m. EST, April 1, 2012|By Marni Jameson, Orlando Sentinel

Sadie Veselka was only 4 when she started complaining that her body hurt. She had trouble getting up after sitting on the floor, and she walked “like a little old woman,” said her mom, Dawn Veselka of Oviedo.

Her pediatrician called the problem growing pains. An orthopedist thought it was an infection. A chiropractor ordered orthotics. An allergist and the emergency-room doctors the Veselkas saw in desperation waved the girl and her mother off. “All said the problem would resolve, to give it a month,” Dawn Veselka said.

It would take nine months and a 130-mile drive to the nearest pediatric rheumatologist before they would learn that Sadie had juvenile arthritis, a disease that affects one in 250 kids and causes inflammation and stiffness in joints.

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